Oct 4, 2016

Research Resources

Research Resources

BIBL 471 - Biblical Archaeology

Liberty University Students

Welcome to Biblical Archaeology 471. To get you excited about the course here is a short 4 min. video on an Introduction to Biblical Archaeology created by Logos Media Ed introducing their course.  It hosts James Strange, Jodi Magness, and my good friend, Scott Stripling director at Khirbet el-Maqatir.

Now to doing research!

Doing an online courses can be difficult, especially when the local library does not have a good selection of resources on the Bible or archaeology. Perhaps you are on a ship deployed in the middle of the Pacific or a housewife living in a small town. Access to a good theological library is difficult and where can you go to find resources? Here is a list of sources that will help (see the dropdown menus), which are academic and accessible from anywhere you have the internet. Now you have no excuse for producing quality research.

Liberty Students NOTE: Be sure to setup an off campus access account and use the Ezproxy login to gain access to many online articles and books (not necessary now with the new https://mylu.liberty.edu login.
To access Liberty "Library Subscription Databases" you must be logged into Liberty University's servers. How do I know? Your link will have .../2048/link in the URL. For example http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.liberty.edu:2048/ If you go directly to www.jstor.org you will not have access to the paid subscription that Liberty has paid for.

Here are a few resources that will help you in your research. I expect that you will use quality academic resource.

  • Liberty Library "Library Subscription Databases" (i.e. Liberty Journal Finder, JSTOR, ALTA, and ProQuest) and NOT Free popular internet sites for your research. There is a video on how to use journal articles in the Jerry Falwell Library VIDEO LINK.
  • Liberty Religion & Philosophy Research Guide. A Great place to start for sources for this course.
  • My Blog. Your looking at it!! Check out the right drop-down box under Student Helps for more resources. column for books and links under these headings.
  • My Books. Biblical Archaeology Vol. 1, Key Themes of the Old Testament, Key Themes of the New Testament and Key Facts for the Location of Sodom are full of side bar sections on archaeology.
  • Google Books and Amazon.com. Search for a book and use the Look Inside feature. This can be a big help. Use the table of contents of the book. You will need to set up a Google account to view the pages but this is free. Sometimes if the page is not available on one Amazon it is in Google books so make sure to check both sites if you don't see what you need. You do need to watch carefully the quality of the books.  (From a reputable publisher with University in the name i.e., Oxford University Press, Harvard, etc.). Don't use "Archaeology for Dummies!!!" it does exist!!
  • Internet Archive. This site has the largest collection of scanned works in the world. Almost anything that is prior to 1923 is available because of the copyright laws. Various formats are available including PDF, Txt, and Html.
  • Wikipedia. Don't use it!!! The material is notorious for being unreliable and inaccurate. If you do look at an article go to the end of the article and find the footnotes and bibliography, where there will often be links to PDF files you can download or books you can look up in Google books or get at the Library. NEVER place Wikipedia in your bibliography.
  • See Research helps in the above menu.

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