Jun 15, 2021

Cultural Background of the Bible Series

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Three works are presently in The Cultural Background of the Bible Series that deal with the historical, geographical, and archaeological background of the Bible. The series presently includes:

1. The Cultural Background of the Old Testament 

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2. The Cultural Background of the New Testament

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3. The Cities of St. Paul, William M. Ramsay that deals with the Cultural Background of the Apostle Paul in Asia Minor.

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Jun 8, 2021

Ramsay, The Cities of St. Paul

William M. Ramsay, The Cities of St. Paul. Their Influence on His life and Thought. The Cities of Eastern Asia Minor.

Updated and Revised Edition by David E. Graves

The Cultural Background of the Bible Series

Wilbur M. Smith spoke of Ramsay as “the greatest living authority on the historical, geographical and archaeological aspects of the life of the Apostle Paul.” This work on the western cities of Asia Minor, include Tarsus, Antioch, Iconium, Derbe, Lystra that were pivotal in the life of Paul. The material is based on the Dale Memorial Lectures delivered in Mansfield College, Oxford by Ramsay in 1907 and several of his published articles. He assimilates research on Paul in the Roman World known at the time and invaluable even today. 

The original work has been revised and updated with color photographs and where available images of the original coins were included with the original drawings.  An engaging resource intended for laypeople who want to know more about the New Testament and the Apostle Paul, whether in seminary courses, college classrooms, church groups or personal study.

Sir William M. Ramsay 
National Portrait Gallery
Sir William Mitchell Ramsay, FBA (1851–1939) was a Scottish archaeologist and the foremost authority of his day on the history of Asia Minor and a leading scholar in the study of the New Testament. From the post of Professor of Classical Art and Architecture at Oxford, he was appointed Regius Professor of Humanity (the Latin Professorship) at the University of Aberdeen. He was knighted in 1906 and held several honorary fellowships from Oxford colleges, and nine honorary doctorates from universities around the world.   

7 X 10 format, 229  pages (including drawings, photographs, and maps)

Color Paperback ISBN: 979-8519522182 June, 2021.

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Updated June 14, 2021

Mar 24, 2021

Preliminary Report on the Tall al-Hammam Excavation Project: Field LR

A Preliminary Report on the Tall al-Hammam Excavation Project: Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic Remains: Field LR (2005–2014). Edited by Steven Collins, Gary Byers and D. Scott Stripling. 2021.
Field LR stands for the Lower Roman area and consists of ceramics and artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. Includes square drawings, 65 ceramic plates, maps, color photographs and illustrations. 

     This is A Preliminary Report on the Tall al-Hammam Excavation Project that covers Field LR (Lower Roman Area, 2005–2017) of ten years of excavation seasons over 12 years under the direction of Steven Collins of Trinity Southwest University, Veritas International University and assisted by Gary Byers and Carroll Kobs, assistant dig directors. The Roman area (Field LR) was under the field supervision of David E. Graves (2005–2014) and D. Scott Stripling (2005–2011). Excavations began in Jordan in 2005–2006 and have continued annually until 2020. However, there were no excavations in the Roman area in 2013 (season eight) and 2016 (season eleven). This volume presents an overview of the site discoveries during the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. It includes the pottery profiles, assemblages and artifacts discovered in the course of these seasons. Includes square drawings, 65 ceramic plates, maps, color photographs and illustrations.

8.25 X 11 format, ca. 235 pages
Color Paperback edition ISBN: 979-8748800105
Color Hardcover edition ISBN:

Mar 6, 2021

Home with the Lord

Hilda Luella Graves (Dimock)
May 13, 1931 to March 5, 2021

My mom went home to be with the Lord on Friday morning March 5 and will be missed by all who knew her. A woman of grace, love, wit, wisdom and strength. In her memory, I dedicated my last book The Archaeology of Biblical People  to her memory, that I was writing during her final days. Her first trip abroad was with me in 1996 when we traveled to Israel to take photos and research for my projects.  So many great memories of her with our family.


Mom's 97th birthday
Hilda Luella Graves (Dimock) May 13, 1931 to March 5, 2021. Today with heavy hearts we are announcing the passing of our beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother Hilda Luella Graves (Dimock) in her 90th year. She was born in Havelock, NB on May 13, 1931 to the late Leland and Mary Dimock (Thorne). She was predeceased by her pre-deceased by her husband Elton Elmer Graves (March 23, 1932-Nov 4, 1990) and brother Horace Dimock. She quietly passed in her home with her daughters by her side on March 5, 2021 after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was a long-time member of the West Lane Baptist Church and the WMS. Her faith was an anchor, and she was the rock of our family. Hilda lived her life to the fullest and retired in her 60’s and filled her free time with traveling around the world, knitting socks, sweaters, mittens for her family but also hats for the premature babies at the hospital and mittens for students at Beaverbrook School. She especially enjoyed her puzzles and visiting with her great-grandchildren in Western Canada.

She leaves behind a son David (Irina) Graves residing in Portugal, two daughters, Sheila Bampton residing in Moncton, Canada and Susan (Philip) Anthony residing in Quispamsis, Canada. She also leaves behind five granddaughters, Jessica (Jonathan) Grimes, Amanda (Jonathan) Milke, Rebecca (Adam) Dempsey, Jennifer (Bryan) Arseneau, and Julia Anthony. She was survived by five great-grandchildren, Zoë Milke, Prudence Milke, Jack Grimes, Daniel Dempsy, and Hannah Grimes.

Mom and I in Israel 1996

Mom and I on Madeira

Private Family Funeral will be held at Salisbury Funeral home in New Brunswick, Canada

Feb 5, 2021

French Documentary Released

Here is the link to a French Documentary hosted by Patrick Vauclair on Arkeaos.TV Bible et Archeologie No. 5 La Destruction Cataclysmique de Sodome. L’antique ville de Sodome mise à jour à Tall el-Hammam Confirmation scientifique de sa destruction par le feu du ciel. There is a PDF of the French text for those who wish to translate it or follow along.

I was one of the main consultants on the documentary. 

One point to note is that only the upper tall, where we are excavating the kings palace (distinctive palace ware pottery in this location), is highlighted in white in one of the photos. In addition, there is a large area (total 62 acres) around the base of the tall (lower tall) that also belonged to the Middle Bronze site of Sodom which was all fortified. The gate diagram, drawn by Leen Ritmeyer based on our excavations, was discovered on the Lower Tall.

 Otherwise, a great explanation in French of our research at Tall el-Hammam, Jordan and some of the evidence for the theory of destruction by an airburst.

For more information on the excavations at Tall el-Hammam in the last 15 years see The Location of Sodom

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Jan 21, 2021

Biblical Archaeology Series


Here are six books in the Biblical Archaeology Series. Written for the undergraduate level they are academic in nature with footnotes and bibliography. Loaded with many photographs and illustrations they are a wealth of current archaeological information on the Bible. For more information and Amazon links, click on the titles below. All are now available in Paperback and Hardcover. 

1. Digging Up The Bible: Introduction and Brief History of Biblical Archaeology. (2019) Biblical Archaeology Series no. 1. Paperback and Hardcover

2.The  Archaeology of the Old Testament: 115 Discoveries That Support the Reliability of the Bible. (2019). Biblical Archaeology Series no. 2. Paperback and Hardcover

3.The Archaeology of the New Testament; 75 Discoveries That Support the Reliability of the Bible. (2019). Biblical Archaeology Series no. 3. Paperback and Hardcover

4. The Archaeology of Biblical People: 101 Discoveries that Support the Reliability of the Bible(2021) Biblical Archaeology Series no. 4. Paperback and Hardcover

5. The Location of Sodom: Key Facts for Navigating the Maze of Arguments for the Location of the Cities of the Plain. (2016). Biblical Archaeology Series no. 5. Paperback and Hardcover

6. Jesus Speaks to Seven of His Churches: A Historical and Exegetical Commentary on the Messages to the Seven Churches in Revelation. (2017).  Biblical Archaeology Series no. 6. Paperback and Hardcover.

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Dec 14, 2020

27. A Arqueologia Do Antigo Testamento

Book 27

Graves, David E. A Arqueologia Do Antigo Testamento: 115 Descobertas Que Apoiam a Confiabilidadeda Bíblia. Traduzido por Lucas R. Queiroz. Moncton, N.B.: Electronic Christian Media, 2021. 

The first translation of one of my books and it will be into Portuguese. 

É a primeira tradução de um dos meus livros e será para o português.

Foram descobertos milhares de artefatos relacionados à Bíblia, mas poucos deles chegam às manchetes. Estudiosos revisionistas frequentemente procuram minar e minimizar a relevância de muitas das descobertas. O experiente arqueólogo David Graves reuniu uma coleção útil de mais de 115 descobertas atualizadas significativas do período do Antigo Testamento. Ele visita locais associados a Gênesis, Êxodo, Josué, Samuel, Reis, Crônicas, os Profetas, Esdras, Neemias e muitos dos locais importantes do Antigo Testamento, mostrando a influência significativa de referências locais, sociedade, arquitetura e religião sobre os povos do Antigo Testamento que confirma a historicidade dos eventos bíblicos do Antigo Testamento e esclarece o texto. Graves explora toda a gama de importantes descobertas arqueológicas do Antigo Testamento, de manuscritos, cerâmica, inscrições, selos e outros artefatos. Este livro perspicaz irá:

  • Ilustrar descuberas arqueológicas com mais de 165 fotografias coloridas, mapas detalhados e gráficos cuidadosamente elaborados.
  • Inclui um glossário que define termos arqueológicos técnicos
  • Fornece extensas notas de rodapé e bibliografia para estudos futuros
  • Incluir um índice detalhado de assuntos

  Este recurso inestimável fornece uma compreensão interessante e informativa do contexto cultural e histórico do Antigo Testamento ilustrado a partir da arqueologia. Este é um recurso acessível destinado a leigos que desejam saber mais sobre arqueologia e o Antigo Testamento, seja em cursos de seminário, salas de aula de faculdade, grupos religiosos ou estudo pessoal.

DAVID E. GRAVES (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) está envolvido no ensino da Bíblia e da arqueologia há mais de trinta e cinco anos. Ele lecionou na Universidade de Oxford, Inglaterra; Liberty University, School of Divinity, ofereceu  visitas guiadas aos museus Ashmolean e Britânico; viajou extensivamente pelo Médio Oriente Médio, esteve envolvido na pesquisa do arco de Noah no Monte Ararat e foi consultor para produções da National Geographic. Ele esteve envolvido em escavações arqueológicas em Qumran,  Monte do Templo e Shiloh, Israel, bem como no projeto de escavação Tall el-Hammam na Jordânia, por mais de dez temporadas. Ele é o autor de livros: The Seven Messages of Revelation and Vassal Treaties; Key Themes of the Old Testament Key Themes of the New Testament; The Location of SodomArchaeology of the NT; Digging Up the Bible; The Cultural Background of the OT The Cultural Background of the NT e é autor de vários artigos.

Traduzido por Lucas R. Queiroz.  

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