Feb 8, 2016

Index for Excavation Reports Liberty

Excavation Index

BIBL 471 – Biblical Archaeology

Liberty University Students

NOTE: An Excavation Report is a paper that examines the previous excavations that were conducted at the site noting the various periods (i.e. Early Bronze, Iron Age, Roman, Byzantine, etc.) that were present and what the archaeologists found at the site. Do not get sidetracked on peripheral issues such as talking all about the Temple Mount when doing the Salvage Project or the Western Wall Tunnel.

Your Excavation Report is not limited to these sites. If you would like to write your papers on a site that is not listed here, please contact me for approval. The following bibliographies are provided for your convenience, however you must choose your sources wisely. A bibliography for some sites may be found here LINK. Some journal articles require EZproxy login (i.e., JSTOR, ProQuest, etc.). The student is responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographic information used. It would be to your benefit to use my Biblical Archaeology or Key Themes books that are listed under each site.

TIP: If you want the correct TURABIAN format in your paper you can copy and paste these listed sources"as is" into your Bibliography, but do not copy the hyperlinks (i.e. LINK or JSTOR buttons). To create your footnotes some changes will be required with punctuation and order of the authors name. See Turabian help LINK


Both my books, Key Themes of the Old Testament and Key Themes of the New Testament, are full of archaeology side bars with lots of helpful information and bibliographies.

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