Nov 1, 2005

ETS Conference

I will be attending the Evangelical Theological
conference in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania on November 16-18, 2005. I'm looking forward to a stimulating interaction of ideas and fellowship. Of particular interst will be Alan Bandy's paper on the lawsuit motif in the Book of Revelation. My supervisor I. Howard Marshall will also be attending and look forward to profitable meeting. One of the highlights for me will be to visit the counterpart of the British Museum - the University of Philadelphia Museum Near Eastern section. The good news is they allow camera's as opposed to the Cairo Museum who have banded them. The bad news is the web site states that the treasures of Ur "Ram caught in the thicket" the twin brother of the one found in the British Museum is on the road.


Andrew said...

Did you know the Ram in the Thicket is in the movie "Alexander"? Near the beginning, when the youg Alexander's mother is holding a snake, she walks by a very large version of the Ram artifact. It takes place in Macedonia, so it may be accurate. What do you think?

David E. Graves said...

Yes Andrew now that you mention it I do remember seeing it in the movie.