Apr 28, 2006

More info on Sodom

Here is more detailed information on Sodom for those who wish to check it out. It's the Sodom topic from the Biblical Scroll, the CD rom I've developed and distribute through eGames. This is a rewrite of the online Sodom article reflecting the new information available since my visit and work with Dr. Steven Collins at Tall el-Hammam. This new information will not be found on the CD but only available online as the CD's are already produced and in stores.

The photo is of Field D at Tall el-Hammam: That me in the centre clearing and clarification of cut-away section created by military trenching reveals a 3m-thick Iron Age city wall built into and over an earlier, massive structure built of packed earth and yellowish mudbrick (the Middle Bronze rampart?). This is where I ran into the snake!! (see the January 14th post).

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