Dec 19, 2007

Off to Jordan Again

Well I'm off Dec 25 for my third season, as a square supervisor, at Tall el-Hammam (Sodom). I will be working among some Roman ruins that may have evidence of Byzantine remains mixed in. If so, then this will help make my case for the location of Tall el-Hammam on the Madaba map (see previous postings). The Roman area is down on the plateau on the Early Bronze Age level (the flat area in the foreground of the picture). There are some massive building stones in what is the corner to a building and we hope to find some significant evidence from the Byzantine era. Weather looks great and Scott Stripling and I will be arriving early to help set things up. I hope to provide a regular update to my blog during the trip to let you know the finds of the day and some of the goings on. I may not be able to share all of the details from the site but will give everyone a sense of the adventure. We will also be doing some touring as in previous years. I will keep you posted.

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