Jul 23, 2008

Tall el-Hammam Dig 2009

Many students have asked me about going along on the Tall el-Hammam dig in Jordan. Here is the information and prices for the upcoming dig 2009:

Tall el-Hammam Prices

Biblical Archaeology Review Find a Dig

The official dates are Jan 14Feb 19th 2009.

You have the choice of 4 different stays for the dig depending on your availability and funds. 16 Day, 23 Day, 30 Day, and 37 Day.

You can have your choice of periods to dig which include Middle Bronze, Iron Age, or Early Roman. Dr. Steven Collins believes that this site is an excellent candidate for the ancient city of Sodom (Gen 13-19). Why not consider a vacation of a lifetime and dig up part of this fascinating period of history (It was occupied in the Neolithic and Early Bronze period). It may have been Sodom (Middle Bronze) where Lot came to live with this family but because of the wickedness of the citizens was destroyed by fire from heaven. Then during Moses day (Late Bronze) it was Abel-Shittim visited by Moses and the twelve tribes of Israel as they waited in tents to enter the promised land. For two years Moses kept the Ark of the Covenant stood here while he wrote the book of Deuteronomy on our site. Then Moses goes up Mt. Nebo behind our site to die and the Israelites cross the Jordan River to take the city of Jericho and Ai. Then during Solomon’s day (Iron Age) it was a significant administrative center. It is still occupied during the Hellenistic and Early Roman period and called Livias or Julias after the Emperor's wife Livia. Because of its famous therapeutic hot springs early Christian pilgrims visited Livias for healing in the baths. Perhaps we will find evidence of these baths this season. Why would anyone want to go on a cruise?

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