Aug 3, 2009

Sodom Video Clip

A new video clip has been placed on You Tube by Dr. Collins to try and provide some sanity to the bizzare and wild information that has been posted on this famous topic of the location of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Andrew said...

Interesting. So the site is still be argued for Sodom?

Dr. David E. Graves said...

Yes Tall el-Hammam is still by far the best and I would suggest only serious candidate for Biblical Sodom. The scientific evidence is all present to correlate Hammam with Sodom. After four seasons of excavation there is no doubt that there was a major Middle Bronze occupation at this site with a subsequent fiery destruction and vacancy for over 500 yrs. Only two or three biblical sites have ever been identified with an inscription so we are using the same method for identifying Sodom as is used for all Biblical sites - Geographic indicators and correlated archaeology. The archaeological and geographic footprint meets the biblical criteria perfectly. Nothing is out of place.