Dec 24, 2009

Coin found today

Today was a productive day on the Temple Mount Salvage Operation. We sifted on the debris that has been excavated illegally from the temple mount and discovered this coin in my bucket today. We have found two other coins in the last three days. It looks the size of the widows mite but the coin will be sent to the lab where they will need to be cleaned and sent for identification. If it is a rare coin they will contact me. There is of course other finds such as lots of pottery, mosaic stones, glass, bone and even evidence of destruction from burnt bone and pottery.

After we left at noon we traveled to Qumran and then on to Massada. On our way back we stopped at the Dead Sea and some took a dip in the Dead Sea. What an unusual but blessed Christmas Eve.
On the way back some of our singer, composed a Twelve days of Christmas song that is truly original from events and people from the dig.

We travel to Bethlehem tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all.

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