Dec 31, 2009

Coin discovered today

Happy New Year everyone. Today we worked at Tall el-Hammam. We no sooner got started than Lynn in our square discovered this bronze coin close to the surface. It may be a Byzantine coin considering it size. We will bring it back for cleaning and restoration. All the coins found thus far on the site were small and corroded beyond recognition.
Then I was off to work with the surveyor as we took the coordinates for Tall Tahoune and Al Mazzar. These sites will be placed on the map produced by the Total Station. The mosaic that I was taken to last season is now not only in a Banana plantation but also a Marijuana field. They are also guarding the area with weapons so needless to say we did not visit the site. However, we did visit with a local sheik who told us that his father and grandfather are buried there. We were able to get a local calibration for the Total Station so mission accomplished.

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