Jan 3, 2010

Sunday Jan 3 Scarb found.

Today was a rather uneventful day but did find a scarab seal in mint condition in the outside of a Middle Bronze shaft tomb. The seal had a clear representation of the Pharaoh's name in the cartouche yet to be translated. I will not post a photo as it is unpublished at the moment but may help us date with more precision the tomb. Dr. Collins will no doubt have more to say on the scarab find later.

Sherassa is holding the remains of a large oil lamp discovered by the tomb from the Middle Bronze period. Those that know me realize how much I enjoy oil lamps so this was a real treat today. I have one in my collections that is very similar but smaller.

In my square today we may have reached the top of the cistern in the banana field. We are down about 1.3 meters and came upon what looks like a wall or side to the cistern. Tomorrow we will see what we find. I'm continuing to work on the 1.2 meter walls of the monumental Roman/Byzantine building. This will be a long slow process but hope to reach the bottom of the wall by the end of this season.

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