Jun 12, 2010

Article on Livias to be Published

An upcoming issue of Levant Journal will carry an article on the identification of Tall el-Hammam as part of greater Livias. The title will be “Re-Examination of the Location for the Ancient City of Livias.” and it was co-authored with Dr. Scott Stripling. The article will be accompanied with several maps and photo's from the site and surrounding area. This article will challenge the current thought that Tall er-Ramah is the location for the city of Livias. Fifteen criteria are examined and majority strongly favor Tall el-Hammam over Tall er-Ramah. This season (six) we hope to collect further supporting evidence for our hypothesis. Our goal this season is to identify the purpose of the massive Roman building that dwarfs anything outside of Jerusalem in it size and construction. Join us if you want an exceptional archaeological experience. Official Tall el-Hammam Website

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