Sep 4, 2010

Another location for Mt. Sinai

Looks like we have another candidate for Mt. Sinai. Jerusalem Post Article We now have Jebel Musa (traditional location), Gebel Khashm et-Tarif, Bible and now Har Karkom. At least this one is in the north like Gebel Khashm et-Tarif which does make more sense than Jabel Musa but Emmanuel Anati's chronology is wrong. Interesting they interview Israel Finkelstein as an authority and while he is an experienced archaeologist doesn't believe the Bible is an historical document. His comment “Roaming the desert with the Bible in one hand and the spade in the other is a 19th-century endeavor which has no place in modern scholarship.” I'd like to know what is wrong with using the Bible as a primary source and following the geography to locate sites. Even Heinrich Schliemann used the mythical Iliad and Odyssey to find the city of Troy. See Yamauchi, Edwin M. “Historic Homer Did it Happen?.” Biblical Archaeology Review 33, no. 2 (2007): 29-37; Yamauchi, Edwin M. “Homer and Archaeology: Minimalists and Maximalists in Classical Context.” In The Archaeology of the Bible: Reassessing Methodologies and Assumptions, edited by James K. Hoffmeier, 69-90. Oxford: Lion Hudson, 2008. 

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