Dec 5, 2011

Livias article published in Levant Journal

The article on Livias has finally been published in Levant Journal. For those with a subscriptions to Levant you will be able to see a colour edition on their website at LINK

The article is entitled “Re-Examination of the Location for the Ancient City of Livias" and contains all the evidence and arguments for identifying Tall el-Hammam in the Roman and Byzantine era with the ancient city of Livias.

Graves, David and Scott Stripling “Re-Examination of the Location for the Ancient City of Livias.” Levant: The Journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant 43.2 (2011): 178-200. 

Season 7 begins in January and we hope to excavate another room in our monumental Roman/Byzantine building. Why don't you consider joining us?

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Dr M said...

Congrats! A fine article I am sure. Regret we will not cross paths at Movenpick this season.....