Feb 13, 2012

Our Team

We did not work on Sunday because of an extremely windy day. We went out to the site but we could not keep our hats on or handle our paper work so we came back to the hotel to relax around the village here at the Movenpick. Today was a perfect day and even a bit too hot but we aren't complaining.

As always we have a very international team. In the photo we have Mohammed from Jordan one of our two Jordanian helpers. He is watching for our goupha's to get filled and then they dump them.
Philis is in the white broad brimmed hat and she is from the United States and had worked in Saudi Arabia so knew some Arabic which was helpful. One-N-Glen (as he has become affectionately known) is from England via Russia and Irina is working on the inside wall and she is from Russia and loved by all. We are working in the inside room that could be the change room for the bath complex. In the foreground is the beautiful worked capital that could have lined the inside wall on top of half columns (photographed on Day 3). What was really interesting is that it had a hole between the first and second rosette that went all the way through to the back. It may have allowed water to pour in like a shower into the bath complex. We removed the stone and are storing it at the mosque for its safety. This is likely only half of another identical stone that would have been placed together at the rosettes and had horizontal lines on the top and bottom. No inscriptions however were evident on the stone. We found the doorway and hope to take the room down to the floor in the next few days. The pottery reading today indicated early Roman pottery.

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