Oct 28, 2013

Key Themes of the New Testament

The companion volume to the Key Themes of the Old Testament is now ready for purchase. The Key Themes of the New Testament is now available at Amazon. and Createspace. At over 440 pages and over 100 photos, maps and charts this will complete your set. It will be priced at just $26.49 US.

Ever wonder what the Bible was all about but were nervous about reading such an intimidating book?
Graves provides an informative and accessible read that explores the Bible, not as a survey of history, but by examining nine interconnecting themes, including the kinds of biblical literature, birth and early years of Jesus, the ministry of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the founding, development, formation and future of the Church. He provides an overview of what the New Testament is all about and how it relates to the Old Testament. Learn how the person and work of Jesus is connected to the Messiah. What has the Church to do with the rest of the Bible? Graves answers the kind of questions that the average reader of the Bible wants answered and not simply the answers that scholars think readers should hear.

Numerous detailed maps, charts, tables, and photographs are included illustrating the New Testament context. Helpful breakout panes, dealing with “Quotes from Antiquity,” “Moments in History,” and “Facts from Archaeology,” provide an interesting and informative understanding of the cultural and historical background of the Bible. A glossary defines technical terms, and extensive footnotes and the hundreds of books listed in the “For Further Study” breakout panes and bibliography provide an invaluable resource to readers for future study.

An engaging resource intended for laypeople who want to know more about the New Testament, whether in seminary courses, college classrooms, church groups or personal study.

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