Mar 10, 2014

Aerial view of the Roman Area Building

My apologies for not posting updates from the Tall el-Hammam excavation this season, but I was unable to access my blog from Jordan as it was blocked for security reasons outside of my usual location. I am now back in Portugal and can now access my bog and will attempt, in the next few days, to bring you up to date on the various discoveries of this years excavation of the Roman Bath Complex.

These photos are aerial shots of the Roman area (2010) that we are excavating. The south wall of the Bath complex is visible along with the black covered (for protection) bath installation in the center of the photograph. The building is 35 meters by 40 meters. I have highlighted the photo to the right to help identify the walls as they are under trees but we have identified all four corners of the building. We excavated two squares highlighted in yellow this season (2014). The excavation revealed another room with plastered walls and a reddish stone cut floor. There will be more photos to follow of our progress this season and what we discovered.

Here is a larger map that may help locate us in Jordan. LINK

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