Mar 13, 2014

Potters Marks Found

Here is an example of a potters mark on a piece of Terra Sigillata fine or red Ancient Roman pottery with glossy surface slips. This pottery from the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire were called  African Red Slip wares or Eastern Sigillata. As yet I have been unable to identify the potters mark. There are 300,000 potters marks identified in Terra Sigillata in Hartley, Brian R., Brenda M. Dickinson, and Geoffrey B. Dannell, eds. Names on Terra Sigillata: An Index of Makers’ Stamps & Signatures on Gallo-Roman Terra Sigillata (Samian Ware). 9 vols. London, U.K.: Institute of Classical Studies, 2008. Iliffe, John Henry. Sigillata Wares In the Near East: A List of Potters’ Stamps. Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, 1936. If anyone has access to these volumnes at their library I'd be grateful if you find something.

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