Oct 21, 2015

Fraudulent Claims of the Noah's Ark Discovery

The Chinese organization Noah’s Ark Ministries International
(NAMI) at a conference in Turkey (2008) claiming
the discovery of Noah's Ark on Mt Ararat. Some involved
in the expedition claim that the photos and video footage
were staged at another location based on a built model.
A recent article by Rick Lancer of the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR), an evangelical archaeological society questions the validity of a recent conference to promote the discovery of Noah's Ark. I have been involved in Ark research for many years and have been on Mt. Ararat and can also concur with Rick Lancer and Randal Price's evaluation of the proposed discovery of Noah's Ark, as a fraudulent hoax, even though it is being supported by Dr. Norman Geisler, the noted apologist. This story has been around for awhile, but this new conference, promoting it, is another attempt at misleading the public. Why are Christians so gullible!!!

See the posted article with many links to other sites and the details of the debate:
Rick Lancer, "Does New 'Eyewitness' Evidence Point to Noah’s Ark?" Associates for Biblical Research October 21, 2015.

The earlier discovery of 2008 is addressed in more detail in my books. "Quest for Noah's Ark," Pp. 187-89 in Key Themes of the Old Testament and "The Flood and Noah" Pp. 111-14 in Biblical Archaeology Vol. 1: An Introduction with Recent Discoveries that Support the Reliability of the Bible.

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