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Corinth Canal in Greece. Author: Frank van Mierlo


Liberty Excavation Reports Requirements

INDEX of Sites

Make sure to check out the work being done by the The American School of Classical Studies at Athens LINK. Also, be sure to consider any inscriptions that have helped us understand the book of Acts (i.e.,"Erastus, the city Treasurer" in Romans 16:23; Gallio, etc.). You can check a good Romans commentary (Commentary) for these terms and how archaeology had helped understand them. Remember to provide the historical background of the site (including history of previous archaeological excavations, if any), objectives of the current excavation, progress at the site, and significance of discoveries to biblical study. Make sure to choose a good encyclopedia, journal articles, and books that specialize in the subject. This will give you a cross section of material:
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  Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

The list of abbreviations can be found here. LINK
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