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Agatha Christie Agatha Christie remember that we are focusing on archaeology so you do not want to concentrate on the rest of her life. You should only mention the early years if they relate to the subject of archaeology. Christie has an official website that has a bit on here life as an archaeologist. See "Agatha Christie: A New Start" [LINK]. However, the best source of information will be in her biographies.  

You might also try searching for some of the places she worked and items she discovered in a good Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia. LINK
You may also find information in articles on Sir Leonard Woolley, as she worked with him. 
Questions that you should answer in your paper include:

  1. Where did she take her training for archaeology?
  2. What was her specialty in archaeology?
  3. What role did photography play in her archaeology?
  4. Where did she excavate?
  5. What famous people did she excavate with?
  6. What discoveries was she involved in?
  7. What was the Biblical impact of her research?
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