Oct 8, 2018

The Private Life of the Romans: Updated and Revised Edition

After about one year of editing and working on this work it is finally completed. New modern easy-to-read layout, over 250 photos, maps, and charts. 291 pages in full color or black and white paperback. Includes a table of images and full index.
      Harold Whetstone Johnston was a gifted teacher, noted classical historian, and professor of Latin who first published this work in 1903. It quickly became one of the most widely read works on the life of the Romans. The original work was written for college students and amateurs interested in the private life of the later Republic and early Roman Empire. It was one of the only books of its kind used by students reading Roman literature from Cicero (106–43 BC) to the close of Hadrian’s reign (138 AD). The original bibliography only contained secondary sources, but Johnston did not list primary sources as he assumed that his intended audience would not have the original languages.
     This newly revised edition is based on the 1909 text with the language updated for the modern reader. This edition has included a completely new typeface and page layout and design that makes it easier to read. The content of some of the chapters was reorganized to better structure the material. Numerous illustrations, and over 250 contemporary photographs were added to replace many of the older illustrations and provide the most recent archaeological research. An updated bibliography and index of subjects are also provided to assist the user in accessing the material. Johnston had originally numbered his paragraphs to locate material throughout the book, but this numbering system was replaced with a more traditional updated footnote format.
     It is the hope of this editor that this present work will continue to assist high school and college students, or others who want to know more about the realities of life in ancient Rome.

7X10 paperback format, 291 pages. Available in:
Black and white paperback (ISBN: 978-1726864916) from Amazon; AbeBooks; Alibris; Blackwell; and Book Depository.
Full color paperback (ISBN: 978-1727139952) from Amazon; AbeBooks; Alibris; and Book Depository.

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