Nov 28, 2023

NEAS Presentation 2023

It was an honor to be one of the few to present remotely at the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) presentation during the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) annual meeting held in San Antonio, Texas on November 14-16, 2023. Twenty papers were presented in the NEAS meetings over the three day period, covering a wide range of topics.

The highlight of the event for me was presenting my paper, “Don’t Be Oblivious, Its Livias: Eight Years of Excavations at Tall el-Hammam of a Monumental Roman/Byzantine/Islamic Bath Complex.” Although I has presented in person many times, this was the first time I had ever presented remotely at a NEAS presentation and I was excited. 


The presentations were all quite interesting and I learned a lot from my peers. It was also great to connect with archaeologists and scholars from all over the world and to exchange ideas and learn from each other. All the papers presented can be found on the ETS website, which is available here: [LINK].

Overall, it was an amazing experience to present my paper at the NEAS presentation with my colleagues and I look forward to participating in more conferences and presentations in the future!



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