Nov 7, 2005

Earliest Christian Church Found

Now here is an interesting find!! Front page of the National Post this morning although they have been working on the site for the past 18 months. The most exciting discoveries have come in the last couple of week. Prisoners at a maximum security jail in Megiddo, Israel uncovered a Christian Church while excavating to build on the prison. They uncovered beautiful mosaics with images of the fish (ancient Christian symbol) and inscriptions which could shed light on early Christian practices and in particular the Lords supper (use of table instead of altar). Also one of the inscriptions reads "the God Jesus Christ" which has implications for the early churches understanding of the deity of Christ. You can keep your eye on this one as it will raise many scheptics and nay sayers as usual. Archaeologists love to debate the evidence.
Check out these articles for more details.
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Andrew said...

That is so exciting. I find it interesting, having read the articles, that the archaeologists hesitate to call it a "church" because they say that there weren't churches per se in the third century. That just goes to people are conditioned to think that a "church" has to be a cathedral-like concept that only started after Constantine. I believe any appointed meeting place for the church (God's people) can be called a church, catacomb or cathedral. Please keep us updated, they say that they only have 10% excavated.