Nov 6, 2005

Noah's Ark Mural

I attend Mt. Zion Associate Reformed Presbyterian church (ARP) and recently the members wanted to paint the sunday school rooms to liven up the atmosphere. They asked if i'd do a mural in the hall as I am known to paint a mural or two in my basement. I have a full sized mural of king Tut and his wife among other Egyptian and Assyrian characters on my basement library walls. Well here is my attempt at the church mural. Please note that the ark is NOT true to the biblical descriptions but the children get the idea of a boat. (For a more accurate descriptions based on a supposed eye witness account see click here) I don't know why we are so struck with the story of Noah and the ark perhaps it's the animals. The irony is that this is what we want to paint on our sunday school rooms a reminder of one of the grandest acts of God's judgment a universal (or for some a local) flood. It never hurts to be reminded of God's displeasure with our sin as well as a reminder of his covenant faithfulness expressed in the rainbow. I have an interest as well in Ark research working with the Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium as their operations manager. We hope to travel to Mt. Ararat in August 2006 and perform a sub-surface survey of the glacier to determine if there is any truth to the more than 65 reported sightings over the last 200 years of Noah's Ark. We will see. It was still fun to paint the animals even though it took more than 40 hrs. But it gives the children a warmer place to learn about God's Word.

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