Jan 28, 2006

Bible and Spade Article

My first published article just arrived this week in the Bible and Spade magazine. The article is entitled "Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rv 2:-11), Part 1: Archaeological Background." Bible and Spade 18.4, (Fall 2005), 114-23. The article includes 12 full color photo's I took while in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey in June 2004.

The article is the result of background research that was done for my PhD thesis but not used in its full extent in my dissertation. There will be three more articles to follow on the Jewish, Historical, and Religious background in the next three issues of Bible and Spade. There will be a few more pictures and details. I want to thank Dr. Bryant Wood for his gracious acceptance of the article even though it was long for publication.

The photo is of the agora (martketplace) in Smyrna. The arches lead to the underground shops which are presently being excavated. The parking garage in the backgound will be removed to make way for an archaelogy park in the centre of the city.

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