Jan 14, 2006

Tall el-Hammam excavation

Its been a while since I've posted anything as I have been away on the dig at Tall el-Hammam. It was an incredible experience to be part of the first dig on this tel. the tel is over one mile long and 150 feet high. What was found cannot be discussed as yet while publications of the official dig report are being done (Annual of the Department of Antiquities, Jordan ADAJ) but I can say that this site is a large important site given its location overlooking the Kakkar or plain at the head of the Dead Sea.

I met many great team members and worked hard each day hauling dirt, laying out squares, drawing the locus and running the GPR.

The most memorable event was the run in with a death adder. He came out from under the rock that I was sitting on. The bedouin shepherd boy kept saying "very bad, very bad". I didn't know how bad until speaking with our surveyor and showed him the picture of the snake and he said it was an IRMAGATA and I would only have 5 min to live once bitten. I am thankful to the Lord to be alive as we were at least 30 min from a hospital.

Of the two weeks I was away we worked everyday but the last day when we went to Petra. I hope to return next season to continue digging. Fifteen team members stayed on for the next two weeks to carry out the dig to the end of this season.

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