May 21, 2006

Mt Ararat

Just returned from Mt Ararat in Turkey and a successful negotiation with Ataturk University. ArcImaging signed another historic document with Ataturk University to partner in research on and around Ağri Daği (Mt. Ararat) for later this year. It looks very promising for the Turkish authorities to grant us our research visa's.

The fields were green from the spring melting and the Mountain was gorgeous with the covering of snow from the winter yet to melt. the contours of the mountain were clearly seen from the snow laying in the ravines. Although it had rained for the past month it was blue skies for the entire two days and in fact for our entire trip. Only rained one during our trip to the Hittite ruins.


Greg Cunningham said...

Congrats! I'm glad yo umade it back safe!

Andrew said...

I always thought the ark was wooden, and not stone and shaped like lions... Oh well, what do I know?