May 22, 2006

Hittite Ruins Visited

We also visited the Hittite ruins in Boğazkale, Yazihkaya, and Alacahöyük in central Turkey along with the underground city and churches (726-843 AD) in Cappadocia (1 Peter 1:1-2). Here I am standing in between the Lion gates (14-13 BC) of the Hittite capital Hattusa. The lion on the left has lost its head and the lion on the right has lost its teeth. "Note the characteristic Hittite treatment of the mane, whiskers and breast hair and the clumsy body which rests on stilt-like legs. There is a barely visible inscription in Hittite hierogplypic scritp on the flank of one of the animals." Blue Guide p645

This photo minus myself is featurerd on the cover of the recent Bible and Spade magazine.

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Beth'sMomToo said...

Very cool gates! (though not quite as impressive as Mycenae!) You went to Hittite ruins! Ahhh, maybe some day... I hope you took lots of other pics. I'm looking forward to future articles. ;) Oh...I got the "Biblical Scroll" CD for my SS kids to borrow and I enjoyed looking at all your photos.

Have you seen the Met's Exhibit, "Art of the First Cities"? I just got the book and have been really enjoying it. I recently began teaching Genesis again, so it will come in quite handy. The colorplates are large and well done.

Debi C.