Jun 2, 2006

Twelve Hittite gods

The site of Yazilikaya was a special treat. We ran into another young archaeologist from Michigan who was digging at Aphrodisias and had taken a taxis to visit this site then was on her way to Gordian. It was a pleasure to speak with her although briefly.
Here are several chambers with amazing reliefs from the 13th century BC. There are several well preserved reliefs here. One is a "procession of the pantheon of Hittite gods on the walls of an already existing sacred rock chamber approximately a mile northeast of Hattusa." Fant and Reddish, A Guide to Biblical Sites in Greece and Turkey, 225. Here we have the procession of twelve male Hittite gods of the underworld carrying curved swords. The sun was going down and allowed exceptional shadows on the walls for detailed photos. For 3200 years old they were in incredible shape.

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