Aug 15, 2006

Square Supervisor Training

Just returned from Square supervisor training for the Tall el-Hammam archaeology dig in Jordan Dec 2006-Jan 2007. Many of our original workers were present as we entered 3 days of training on pottery reading and learning the finer elements of top drawings. Had a chance to visit the museum at Trinity SouthWest University, Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a small but well laid out museum with original artefacts and reproductions from the Neolithic period through the Roman period. This is a shot of the ceramic typology display showing the hangles rims and bottoms for each of the different periods displayed on a typical storage jar from each period. They also have a great gift shop with many reproductions and gifts for the entire family. Of course I added a few pieced to my collection!!

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Andrew said...

I've heard of the pot trade in Mexico, but neolithic pot in New Mexico?? What will they think of next?