Jan 10, 2007

Find of the Week

The last two days we dug at the site with more pottery coming out of the ground. There was another pot come out of the ground. This was the sixth vessel. We worked just a half day today as alot of the people are leaving at midnight. It was really windy today and alot of mud brick powder blowing everywhere on the Tall. At noon it settled down but we came back and cleaned our pottery and did our pottery reading from the previous day. Then the day was filled with paperwork.

Tomorrow we leave for Machaerus where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod and then Aroer which is where the Israelites entered from Egypt into the promised land as they made their way up to Mt. Nebo. It was raining the other day so we are stopping again for a quick shot at Nebo. Then on Friday we go to Bab edh-Dhra the other location for Sodom (Dr. Wood's location). We also visit lots cave and other Byzantine ruins. The weather is suposed to be sunny tomorrow.

Here I am with Carl Fink in front of our office on the Tall. I am congratulating Carl on his great find on our adjacent square. We have been working on the pottery that lays against back wall that intersects our squares. While some sqaures are only moving dirt around monumental walls we have lots of finds and interesting things happening at our site.

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Greg Cunningham said...

I'm glad to hear your dig went well...have you found anymore crazy worm writing??? Well, keep up the good work!