Jan 8, 2007

Jar of the Day from Hammam

Today was another great day on the site. The rain has stopped and the site has dried up enough to work. After almost 3 days of sitting around we were anxious to get back to work. Well it wasn’t long before we found a rim and the more we dug the more of the storage jar was intact. First it was one handle then the other and before long it was the entire jar. This is the first complete vessel taken from Tall el-Hammam complete and intact. Speaking to the Jordanian archaeologist from the region there are very few of these in the area. It is a complete Iron Age II storage jar from a storage room behind the living quarters of an Iron age house. This would date from the time of Solomon to put it in historical context. We took samples from inside to be sent away for analysis. Now we believe we have found the floor of the house as the storage jars were sitting on it. We will see tomorrow. These are the two ladies, laural and Marlene, who discovered the jar and dug it out. The jar was between our square and the one next to us supervised by Carl Fink. We took the balk out to get this full piece out. It was a good thing we did. Perhaps it will be displayed in the Amman Museum or the new museum at the foot of Lots Cave. It will be a great feeling to visit the Museum and say that you had a hand in excavating this beautiful intact Iron Age Storage Jar. What a rare find!!

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