Jan 1, 2007

Petra, Jordan in the snow

Reporting from Petra, Jordan.

We travelled to Petra today the capital of the Nabateans. This picture is just outside of the park where they received 20 cm or more of snow. This rare occurrence came as a shock to the locals.Cars were off the road.People were shovelling their driveways in sandals and the site was closed the day before.The inside of the park was not full of snow and hundreds of tourists crammed into the small passage (the siq) to make their way to the treasury.This remote desert stronghold is the home of the Edomites of Scripture. It was discovered in 1812 by a Swiss explorer explorer Johann Ludwig Burchhardt . The homes are carved out of the beautifully colored sandstone formations and the Bedouin lived here until 1982 when the Jordanian government build houses outside the ancient site.

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