Apr 29, 2007

The Trowel and the Truth

Congratulations to Scott Stripling on the publishing of his book The Trowel and the Truth by Vision Publishing. Scott and I dug together for the last two seasons at Tall el-Hammam and became good friends. There are about 35 original photos and maps that were used to bring the text to life. I've been looking for awhile now for a textbook to use in my archaeology course but was unable to find something that was not too expensive (Hoerth/Ray) and that captured the material for the undergraduate level (Mazar). I was please to find that it provides an excellent overview of biblical archaeology for the undergraduate student or anyone interested in this exciting subject. From the title of the book one can see that it is written from a conservative (maximalist) perspective to emphasis the "Truth" of the biblical record. Scott is an experienced field archaeologist and knowledgeable in this fascinating discipline. The book was not written to be an exhaustive, detailed examination of artefacts rather the work will appeal to anyone interested in an overview of the discoveries and research in biblical archaeology. The book will appeal to layman, students, amateur archaeologists or teachers needing a text for their "Introduction to Biblical Archaeology" class. It is also priced for the student's budget. A great text I will use it in our next archaeology class. Great job Scott.

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