Apr 14, 2007

Bible Works Map

I just received my update of the Bible Works 7.0 for my research. I was intrigued with the map features and wondered if they had Sodom on the map, as you can select various Archaeological periods for their sites. So I selected the EB and Genesis to see where they placed Sodom. Here is a map with their understanding of where Sodom is. Now I can't figure out for the life of me why they placed Sodom where they did. It is not under the Dead Sea (as you can tell from the satelite image the Dead Sea is all dried up now anyway). It is not at Bab Edh Dhra as they have them both on the map. And you certainly cannot see this site from where Lot was standing with Abraham, between Bethel and Ai, because Jerusaelm is in the way.

The news about Sodom has really heated up since the front cover article in the New York Times (Feb 24, 2007). Here is the full text of the Times article from one doubter mocking the dig. Even though the newspaper choose to write a human interest story instead of dealing with the archaeological facts of the dig it still has given the excavation at Tall el-Hammam some news coverage. For those wanting to know the real truth about the finds and how they substantiate a Northern location for Sodom here is a link to Dr. Collins own descriptions of this years finds. Dr. Collins is responding to the traditional understanding most have who are simply repeating what they can glean from all the available sources. Problem is that Dr. Collins and our team are the only archaeologists to actually dig on the site (others have only done surface surveys). So Steve responds to Todd Bolan at his site. BiblePlaces.com

I wish people would deal with the facts instead of just trying to write off the evidence as nothing or quoting the old theories with no evidence.

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