Jul 11, 2007

Introduction to Biblical Archaeology Course

The RS3463 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology Course will be offered this fall at Atlantic Baptist University on Mondays from 3:00-6:00pm. Here is a portion of the syllabus explaining the layout of the course:

There are many ways one can study, read and understand the Biblical text. The use of archaeological methodology to approach the text broadens the students understanding of many academic disciplines. This course will introduce basic archaeological method and explore how archaeological findings can clarify and illustrate the meaning and historical background of Biblical texts.

The course has four sections:

  1. Understanding Biblical Archaeology
  2. Sites and artefacts outside Israel
  3. Sites and artefacts inside Israel
  4. Student Research Project Presentations

Prerequisites: Any two courses of Religious Studies 1003 Themes of the Bible; 1013 The Old Testament and its Context; 1023 The New Testament and its Context


  1. To gain knowledge of the methods of field Archaeology.
  2. To gain knowledge of the history of the Archaeology of the Near East.
  3. To gain knowledge of the archaeological findings in the Near East.
  4. To illustrate and examine the role of archaeology and artefact in Biblical apologetics by selected case studies.
  5. To demonstrate the role of archaeology for Biblical interpretation.
  6. To explore the strengths and weaknesses of Biblical archaeology in authenticating Scripture.
  7. To gain knowledge of the cultural settings of the Biblical World (economic, political, social, and religious)

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