Apr 6, 2008

Hammam Map

Some have asked for a map of the region where we are working. I have imposed labels on the Google map to help with the identification of the sites. The sites of the Kikkar (Jordan Valley) are identified as:

Beth Jeshimoth
Teleilat Ghassul
Tall Rama
Tall Iktanu
Tall el-Hammam
Khirbet el Kefrein
Tall Nimrin

The green Roman road would be the route that ancient people would take to travel east. This is indicated by the Roman road evident from the Roman mile markers discovered on Mt. Nebo along the ancient Roman road.

The VI Roman mile marker clearly identifies Tall el-Hammam as the Roman city of Livias. See the Feb 18th posting for more details.
Here is a map of the Northern and Southern locations. LINK


Beth'sMomToo said...

Very cool map. Thanks for providing the resource. Did you make it? I've been using a free program to make maps for teaching. It's extremely helpful when you want to be specific.

Dr. David E. Graves said...

The map itself is google earth which I imposed the names overtop. This is a satellite image so gives me the exact location of all the details. The Romans were also exact in their measurements so with the combination of modern technology and ancient Roman precision I was able to locate exactly the site of Tall el-Hammam as Roman Livias. There is no question about it now. All the Roman remains at our site are from the ancient city of Livias.