Jun 2, 2008

PhD Defense Successful!!

Jane and I returned safely from our trip to Scotland. We had a wonderful time and a bonus in that I successfully defended my PhD thesis. The degree will be awarded from the University of Aberdeen subject to the completion of minor corrections. The graduation will be in October. Hope to post some pictures later of Castles and such.


Dr M said...

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS! I am sooooo sorry I was not on the Cte so I could torment you as a part of our secret society's hazing ritual called "Dissertation Defense". However, you are now finished and may move on to bigger things and ignore John and this pseudo-connection to vassal treaties and hidden Bible Codes.

Welcome to the club.

David E. Graves said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the congrats!! Glad you weren't a member of the secret society but we did visit Rosslyn Chapel while in Scotland but didn't notice a copy of the Apocalypse in their achieves. I've been encouraged to publish the thesis and work on a commentary on Revelation with another scholar. But hope to get some diggin in first!!
Dr. Dave