Feb 9, 2012

Day 3 of the Roman Excavations at Livias

Day three and there was no inscription on the piece I posted on day one but as usual, today just as our day ended, we uncovered a beautifully worked rosette relief. I will post more of  it Sunday once we excavate it. More rooms and walls on the inside of the building were exposed today.
Interesting that Roman pottery was discovered in the large tower complex in the western end of the field where there is a massive 1.4 meter tower. This would seem to indicate that Livias was being protected facing the Jordan valley and Tall Rama (a possibility for Livias). The city was on the inside of the tower and being protected against attack from the plain as all the Roman city was behind this tower. The fourteen towns that surrounded Livias were on the outside of the tower.

In the MB area lots and lots of mud bricks were uncovered around the outside of the gate and laid for several meters thick.

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