Feb 8, 2016

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Online Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Several Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are available online however, be careful with older editons, as this reflects outdated research. It is NOT permissible to use Wikipedia as some of the information is unreliable and can be misleading. Here is a link to online resources that are recommended and made available through my BLOG.

Also, the Google Books and Amazon.coms Look Inside feature, can be a big help, if you watch carefully the quality of the books (from a publisher with University in the name i.e., Oxford University Press, Harvard, etc.). You may need to set up a Google account to view the pages, but this is free. While only 10% of the book may be viewed due to copyright laws if you manage your search carefully you can find what you need including the page numbers.
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