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Aerial view of Masada.
Photo by Andrew Shiva.


Liberty Excavation Reports Requirements

INDEX of Sites

On Masada be sure not to get sidetracked with the story of Roman conquest and suicide at Masada. Be sure to look at the archaeological work that has been done there in the different periods and be sure to look at the oldest synagogue, and ancient scrolls found, just to name a couple of the significant discoveries. Make sure to deal with the significance of the site for first century studies.  The official website for Masada is at this LINK. Remember to provide"the historical background of the site (including history of previous archaeological excavations, if any), objectives of the current excavation, progress at the site, and significance of discoveries to biblical study. "Make sure to choose a good encyclopedia, journal articles, and books that specialize in the subject. This will give you a cross section of material.
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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

The list of abbreviations can be found here. LINK
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