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Pool of Siloam

Newly discovered Pool of Siloam (Biket el-Hamra).
Photo © David E. Graves


Pool of Siloam - Jerusalem

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On the Pool of Siloam there are two proposed locations for the pool.You should consider the question of whether it is a Ritual Bath [miqveh] or just a large bathing pool. There has been some debate over this in the last couple of years after finding, what they believe to be, the real pool of Siloam. Articles prior to the discovery of the new candidate for the Pool would not have access to this research. Be sure to consider the opinions of Dr. James H. Charlesworth, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary. Charlesworth, James H. "The Tale of Two Pools: Archaeology and the Book of John. "Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin 56 (2011): Pages 1–14. Request through Liberty ILL. Also, Yoel Elitzur,"The Siloam Pool––"˜Solomon’s Pool–– Was a Swimming Pool’. "Palestine Exploration Quarterly 140, no. 1 (2008): 17–25. LINK. Josephus mentioned a swimming pool in his Jewish War 5.145. Remember to provide"the historical background of the site (including history of previous archaeological excavations, if any), objectives of the current excavation, progress at the site, and significance of discoveries to biblical study. "Make sure to choose a good encyclopedia, journal articles, and books that specialize in the subject. This will give you a cross section of material.

Also, I have material in my book along with photographs and illustrations.  Key Themes of the Old Testament: A Survey of Major Theological Themes (Moncton, N.B.: Electronic Christian Media, 2013), 282–84. LINK

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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

The list of abbreviations can be found here. LINK
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