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Temple Mount

Roman street beneath temple Mount.
Photo © David E. Graves

Temple Mount (General Area) - Jerusalem

Not an excavation site but many excavation sites.

Liberty Excavation Reports NOT PERMITTED as a topic because it is too general.

INDEX of Sites

NOTE: On the Temple Mount/City of David (Jerusalem) Excavation Paper, because there are so many projects in Jerusalem connected with the Temple Mount (the Temple Mount Sifting Project, Western Wall Tunnels excavations, Southern Temple Mount excavations, the archaeological park, Palace of David excavations, Givati Parking Lot excavations, Warren’s Gate, Hezekiah’s tunnel [including Ghihon Spring], pool of Siloam, Robinson’s arch, etc.), I would strongly advise that you select one of these and focus on that one topic. Otherwise, you will not be doing any one of them justice. This City of David LINK might get you started. Leen Ritmeyer is the world's leading expert on the Temple Mount. BLOG


  • Smith, Daniel. 2016. 3D video of Solomon's Temple. LINK
  • Joel Kramer of Sourceflix has posted a 6-minute long video called “The Mountain of the Lord” which has spectacular aerial footage of the Temple Mount. LINK
  • Joel Kramer of Sourceflix. 2016. The Topography of Jerusalem and Mount Moriah. 3 model video. LINK

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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

The list of abbreviations can be found here. LINK
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