May 16, 2016

Eilat Mazar

Dr. Eilat Mazar speaks at the King David Hotel on June 10, 2018
Photo by Max Richardson/Watch Jerusalem
On Eilat Mazar you will want to examine her contributions to archaeology. Remember that this is a paper about her archaeology career and not the archaeological sites she has worked on.  For Mazar you might also try searching for some of the places she worked. Because her work is so recent you will not likely find anything in a Bible Dictionary or EncyclopediasQuestions that you should answer in your paper include:

  1. Who was her father?
  2. Where did she take her training for archaeology?
  3. What was her specialty in archaeology?
  4. Where did she excavate?
  5. What famous people did she excavate with?
  6. What discoveries was she involved in?
  7. What was the controversy over her proposed discovery of the Palace of David?
  8. What was the Biblical impact of her research?
Finding enough information might be a challenge but this will get you started:
Helpful Resources:

  • King Solomon's Wall Excavated. Israel Video Network 2015 VIDEO Eliat Mazar interviewed on her discoveries.
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