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Kathleen Kenyon
Vassilios Tzaferis with Kathleen Kenyon in the year 1977.
Information on (Dame) Kathleen Kenyon (1906 – 1978) can be found in the following articles. Kenyon's excavation reports were not published until after her death and so scholars did not have the opportunity to examine her research until after she died (See the Wood controversy). However, there is more to the site of Jericho than the debate between Kenyon and Wood. Certainly you will find lot of information under Jericho related to Kenyon, but this is not a paper about the site of Jericho, so remain focused on the task. Information on Kenyon can be found in the history of archaeology and in a good Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia LINK under the sites that she excavated. Questions that you should answer in your paper include:
  1. What was the controversy surrounding the location of Jericho between Dr. Bryant Wood and Kathleen Kenyan?
  2. What was her specialty in archaeology?
  3. Where did she excavate besides Jericho?
  4. What is the Wheeler-Kenyon Method?
  5. What discoveries was she involved in?
  6. What was the Biblical impact of her research?
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If you can find these works in your public library they would be helpful:

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