Jan 3, 2007

Day 4 Tall el-Hammam Storage pots

What a fantastic two days we’ve had. We have been working away on our house in the residential area but behind the back wall we discovered the top of a pot and low and behold there was a storage pot and it was the whole vessel (broken but mendable) in our first “residential” context (Iron Age). We have about four or five maybe more laying against the back wall. This also means that we have hit the floor of the storage room and should give us the floor of our kitchen.

We (Ali and I) were able to extract the bottom intact. We should also be able to find many other jars and vessels in the storage area. Tomorrow will be a busy day with all this pottery. And of course we will need to was it all.

We have a couple other squares where they are finding nothing but dirt and so our fellow diggers are wishing for our good forturne. In archaeology you just never know what your going to get. But didn't I say that there would be good stuff in the corners of the rooms.

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Andrew said...

That's so exciting! While many in the world are looking to break their pot habit, you guys are looking to fix broken pots...hmmm interesting. Keep the updates coming.