Jan 12, 2010

The day before yesterday I drove up the Roman road leading to Livias to measure the road and document it by GPS. On the way up the road became so bad that our 4wheel drive could not make the hill so we parked our Toyota half ton and began to walk. We ended up walking over 4 KM all steeply uphill. Along the way we identified another Roman Mile marker. There was no inscription but this proves that we are on the Roman road. We stopped at a Bedouin's tent and asked how to drive down the Road as he was clearly using it. He said go to Alaresh near Tall Hesban and then find the yellow house. Once we found the house it was easy to drive down the road but we headed down the dirt road instead of following the paved road which we later learned was the road that leads to the Bedouin's tent. I will try later this week to GPS the actual route. The Department of Antiquities would like to move it to a museum if possible.

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