Oct 4, 2016

Online Books

Online Books
I expect that you will use quality academic resources available through Liberty Library "Library Subscription Databases" (i.e. Liberty Journal Finder, JSTORALTA, and ProQuest) and NOT Free popular internet sites for your research.
Graves, David E., Key Facts for the Location of Sodom Student Edition: Navigating the Maze of Arguments, 2014. ISBN: 978-1499660241. Very helpful for Liberty students writing their Sodom papers. The book includes 62 facts you should know about, helpful maps of the Dead Sea area, charts and visual timelines for identifying their place in history, but you are not obliged to purchase it. It is available for purchase at the Liberty Book store and CreateSpace eStore.

Graves, David E., Biblical Archaeology Vol. 2. 2016. This is the second volume of your textbook available at the Liberty Book store and CreateSpace eStore.

Other BOOKS by David E. Graves.
The following archaeology books are available in either PDF or DJVU format. The DJVU reader can be found at LINK. Use the index in the book or search using the Adobe Edit/Find feature (Ctrl+F).

Many older books can be found in various formats including PDF at Internet Archives.

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